About this site

 BIG DATA is various born by the spread of Internet and the evolution of the IT technique with the mamy data.
 But the person who is not know about BIG DATA thinks it to be no good at these words. Actually, after asking, only the person of only 9% knew it whether "you knew the BIG data" to all the school members when we made this HP. Therefore we wanted you to learn from everybody about important BIG data in society in the future and made this homepage. This site is divided into the following four areas so that everybody is easy to learn.

Update history

2013.10.27 Updating "How to use BIGDATA"
2013.09.30 Updating "Collect BIGDATA"
2013.09.08 We changed a lot of site.
2013.09.04 We began to translate to english.
2013.09.01 Updating "BIGDATA with us"
2013.08.24 Sites open.

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